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SleeveKneed Products at Wholesale Prices for First Responders and beyond. 

Sleevekneed Compression socks customers lifting weight on a leg press machine

Wholesale Kneeds

SleeveKneed banner showing first responder support for wholesale and charity opportunities. Bogo.

Our compression socks, elbow sleeves, and knee sleeves are designed to aid recovery and help relieve muscle pain while improving circulation.


Our minimum orders for wholesale start at 10 units. We extend affordable access to retailers and service providers at a 35% discounted rate.

Email to register. In return, our staff will provide a unique code for your wholesale Kneeds. 

After you place your order, expect a confirmation email from SleeveKneed. For questions or additional inquiries about wholesale orders, please contact our customer service team at  

Bulk Orders of Wholesale Compression Socks, Elbow Sleeves & Knee Sleeves

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