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Impact Partners

The "Story"

We're thrilled to partner with individuals who support America's Frontline. Our Impact Partners are mostly first responders with established followings. However, we also partner with the likes of teachers, physical therapists, nurses, and personal trainers. The program allows our partners full access to valuable tools and generous profit sharing.

The "Why"

We believe in our compression gear, however, our culture represents something more than a physical product. The SleeveKneed brand has a multi-faceted approach to supporting the people who provide safety and wellbeing for others. Our Impact Partners receive $10 for every product sold under their identification code. In addition, SleeveKneed provides assistance for the creation of social media content. Our marketing department is well equipped to help with branding from a collaborative standpoint. All the while, helping to create supplemental income for the well deserved.   

Apply Here

The "How"

When you become an Impact Partner, SleeveKneed provides you with a unique identification code. This code offers your audience a discount and can be shared with your network at will. No schedule or commitment. It's really that simple.  

Payouts are issued on the 1st of every month for performance of the preceding month. 1099 information is required. For onboarding, please complete the forum below. 

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