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Mission Critical.

High Quality.

Compression Gear.

Sleevekneed banner showing various affordable compression wear while showing support by giving back to those who serve

Proudly Supporting America's Frontline

Our mission is to support the professionals who create safety and wellbeing throughout everyday environments. We carryout the mission through our Impact Partner program. Our Impact Partners are mostly frontline responders with established social followings. The program allows our partners access to valuable tools and generous profit sharing. 

SleeveKneed giving back to a firefighter, supporting frontline responders

Elbow Sleeves

Compression Socks

Knee Sleeves

A Sleevekneed supported Firefighter Boarding their truck, utilizing excellent compression items to help their mission to impact the world positively
A Sleevekneed supported Doctor at a hospital, utilizing excellent compression items to help their mission to impact the world positively
A military woman sitting in front of closed door supporting SleeveKneed

Our compression socks, elbow sleeves, and knee sleeves are versatile and used for a wide range of activities. The SleeveKneed brand is intentionally designed for continuous use, making excellent options for running and exercise. All socks and sleeves can be used for both high intensity workouts and for recovery. Moreover, our products provide soothing support for every day heroes who spend long hours sacrificing thier own time and bodies to help others. Shop our online store to join "Our Mission" of impacting the world. 


High-Quality Compression Wear With a Cause for Your Wellness & Recovery Journey

Explore the utility of our compression gear from running socks for the legs, to sleeves for the elbows and knees where we tend to hold the most tension and stress. "Shop SleeveKneed" below to identify the socks and sleeves most suitable for you and your lifestyle. 

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